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You can access your individual storage lockup 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 6am to 8pm using a personal access code to operate the automatic security gate. Our computerised gate system logs user entry and exit times for security purposes.


You supply your own padlock to your unit. You store, lock and keep the key to the individual storage unit. We are able to sell you a good quality padlock for both indoor and outdoor sheds. Our Marine padlocks are designed for outdoor weather and our outdoor access units. They are designed to withstand rust and corrosion. Surf Highway Storage, New Plymouth, Taranaki can supply you one of these at very competitive prices when you begin storing with us.

Storage Facility Design

Surf Highway Storage, New Plymouth, Taranaki have purpose built steel storage units designed to keep your goods, safe, dry and secure. We have designed them to ensure there is ventilation in the units. This assists in ensuring stored goods are in the best, dry condition.

Night Watchman

Surf Highway Storage is committed to maintaining a secure environment for our customers. We have an on site Night Watchman who ensures our facility is kept safe after hours.

Checks and Patrols

We monitor our access gate logs daily and make daily walks and checks around the facility.

Security Camera

We have a security camera operating and recording 24/7 for customer safety.